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Safety Reminder

First, always remember that matches are flammable and should be used with caution. Strike away from your body and other flammable materials, including other unlit matches. And always keep away from children and pets.

Is Everything Handmade?

Absolutely. Our tagline works because it's true. We make every piece we sell. What that means is every piece is just a little different. The photos are an indication of what your item will look like, not an exact replica. But that's the fun of buying handmade.

When Will My Item Arrive?

There is a very good chance that your item will be made to order. So please give us 7-12 days to handcraft your item before we ship it off.  Remember, everything is made by hand on our back porch.

My Item Arrived Broken, Now What?

Oh no, that sucks. Please just let us know within seven days of delivery by emailing and including a picture. We'll get a new piece in production and send it your way as soon as we can.

What Is Your Return Policy?

As a small business, every penny you give us goes back into our business. Mostly it goes to buying supplies, but every once in a while we put it in a college fund for one of our many kids. So please take your time and review your purchase, because we do not accept returns or refunds unless there is a defect in your piece.

I Have A Store, Do You Wholesale?

Yes, yes we do. Email us at so we can talk about collaboration details.

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